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Sunday, April 4, 2010

castles made of sand

I thought I'd share this cool article about surrendering perceived ownership rights of art/music. I remember James telling us a little about this earlier on in the semester and it sort of ties into the monument project, as well, which I realized last class as we walked up the trail to the arches we're designing, feeling a little afraid that either rain or people left our work in a pile on the ground. But, yeah, the article talks about how certain bands deal with the 'illegal downloading' opportunities in a way that helps them aaand the wallets of their fans. I admire how they keep finding creative ways to maintain the creativity/value of their music even though it can be free and super easy to access... They put the emphasis on live music, the most authentic experience, sort of like the monuments we talked about in class that are either moving/movable/or integrated downtown somewhere that can be photographed but not permanently preserved. (something else that comes to mind: a girl in class presented about a monument she saw with the soldier walking back and forth and explained that it was more intense in-person... sorry i don't remember which girl from class you were, but that was cool : )

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