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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Post-It Notes

So basically this is the site that I got the idea from:


  1. those are good. I like them! do you want to put the post its kind of side by side though. instead of one being on top of the other?

    ohhh. & do we still wanna make them all into a little kind of scrap book?

  2. Yeah. Like, if we take them digitally we can put them on a computer and edit them so that they print on one picture together. If that makes sense.

    And, I think that's a good idea, the scrapbook thing. I really don't know what else we would do with them?

  3. yeah, i think its a good idea too. I'm bringing the post its tomorrow. and some tape just in case they don't really stick to well. but. I don't have any scrap books. & who's gonna do all the digital stuff? everyone seems to have a camera now. (except me = \ ) so idk which one of you guys wants to do all the digital/printing out kind of stuff.