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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

~Hidden Paradise~

This is our ~Hidden Paradise~ We followed the same idea we had originally which was that Willimantic is stereotyped for all it's negatives while the positives of Willimantic are always overlooked- people forget about the good in the world and seem to focus on the bad, especially in Willimantic. Our Hidden Paradise was created into a room, one that served a purpose of capturing all the beauty and hidden wonders along the Willimantic River. We wanted whomever was to find the spot to be able to interact with what was around them to truly capture the hidden wonder and appreciate it for all it's worth. In order to do this we provided three arm chairs, two small tables, a mirror, wind chimes, and a journal with a pen. In the journal we instructed visitors to write about whatever they wanted while at Hidden Paradise, while taking in the beauty of the area and reminding them of the good in Willimantic. We were surprised to find that so many anonymous people signed the journal with their thoughts and feelings in just a couple days. We really felt like we accomplished our goal and motive when we read that we saved two people's lives during those couple days. . . .Thank you Hidden Paradise.


  1. This project really paid off in ways I didn't even imagine. To know that we touched even one person is amazing, let alone a couple people is good to know. Perhaps these people will take their positive experience at our Hidden Paradise and influence other people. The possibilities are endless.

  2. I love that secret spot. Thank you for highlighting it. There are a few more. Keep searching...