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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sounds of Willimantic

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  1. So, sorry the clip was so short but my camera was acting weird and I thought it wasn't recording. But it ended up that it was recording but it was just really short. I have to say it was extremely difficult transporting and putting up this piece, especially since it was basically pouring rain on us the whole time. The things we hung from the board kept falling off and we kept having to reattach them and there was a train in our way so we had to go through the train which was really hard with everything hanging off the board. we also couldn't get it up as high as we wanted because the sign wasn't strong enough to just pull it up to the top. In the end though i was pretty happy with it, even though we were soaked and covered in dirt. I really hope that it doesnt get taken down after all the effort we put into it.