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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Memory Plaques (New Group Name)

Partners: Jackie Bell, Emma Boardman, Sam Ortiz

What we did: We went around Willimantic and placed plaques in places where six buildings/businesses used to exist in Willimantic. These businesses used to be a large part of the Willimantic community and many people have fond memories of these places.

First location: The Willimantic Teacher's College Normal Building (one of the original buildings of Eastern Connecticut State University)

Years active: 1894-1943 (due to fire)

Location: Shafer currently exists on the spot where this building used to be. Located on High Street/Windham Street/Valley Street.

Second Location: Tin Tsin (Chinese Restaurant)

Years Active: Circa mid 1980's - 1995 (No specific date of their opening could be found)

Location: 814 Main Street, Now a parking lot.

Third Location: With a Wink and a Smile

Years Active: 1977 - 2002 (Dates courtesy of previous owner Bruce Carver)

Location: 857 Main Street, Now H&R Block.

Fourth Location: Nassiff's For Sports

Years active: 1950 - 2008 (Dates courtesy of previous owner Rick Nassiff)

Location: Had three separate locations, last location being 745 Main Street.

Fifth Location: Willimantic Movieplex

Years active (Note: There were many different periods where the movieplex was closed and re-opened by a new owner): 1985-2004

Location: 1 Jillson Square

Sixth Location: Mill #4 (part of American Thread Company)

Years Active (years building was in place): 1884 - 1995 (when it burned down, but was considered an unactive building years before)

Location: Off of Main Street (has no present address). The area is also blocked off.

Older pictures found (Courtesy of Town of Windham Code Enforcement Director Matt Vertefeuille)

Nassiff's (Old Location)

Tin Tsin Building circa 1892 (was not occupied by Tin Tsin during this period)

Tin Tsin Building circa 1962 (was not occupied by Tin Tsin during this period)

Tin Tsin Building circa 1999 (post Tin Tsin, unoccupied after fire damage)

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