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Sunday, April 4, 2010

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  1. yeah; I really like the spots that we picked out for our post its. I think that we have a good idea on our hands here girls!

  2. Looks promising. As suggested, for each location you might try a few different ideas for positioning the post its. Try some following the example of the other project, without any human presence. And then try a few which include human presence. Maybe the post its are stuck to a body in a position of repose suggestive of the feeling on the post it. Maybe a body is only revealed on the zoom-out portion of the two images. Since you are dealing with a limited number of locations, trying the same 2-3 different approaches at each one won't be too difficult.

  3. yeah, we kind of did it more of we were in the picturee. and instead of having a zoom in of the post it. we are just going to take the post it and actually put it in the scrap book so that its there for people to see what we thought.