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Sunday, April 11, 2010

New and Old Willimantic

In the heart of the business district a fire broke out in the Holmes building killing the Neckwear Manufacturing Co. which was located there.

The Grant House was around in the 1800 and has now been adopted by Eastern Connecticut State University.

Benny's once stood here for many years but went out of business. Now Lots & More stands in its place.

The Savings Institute on Main Street used to be called the Savings Institution. On Sept. 3rd 1889 the Normal School Opened up on the 3rd floor.

Frogs are a big thing in Willimantic. But in the early 2000's the four frogs on the frog bridge were built and set in place.

This was the first mill to be completely run by electricity!

Our science building was a new edition to Eastern Connecticut State University in 2008


  1. I believe this project had been a success, we looked up places in willimantic half of them were old and half were new and we printed out the news paper articles we found about them and held them up next to the place that they were about. We also took up a close up of the article so the public could see

  2. This was actually a really cool project. Looking up these articles I learned alot about willimantic. LIke that Eastern used to be called Willimantic College and it started right on main street. And also that the frogs on top of the bridge are not that old. I actually that that those frogs have been there for a long time....nope not even 10 years...crazy huh.

  3. This project does a good job in merging the old with the new in the sense that each of these buildings have a connected story behind them. This can be compared to the people living in the city, and how they have their own stories and origins as well.
    By the way, This is Samantha Mims. I'm not really sure why it's using my other email address.

  4. In one of our pictures we used the Grant House. The article is unclear in this picture. The William Grant house was built in 1800's. The Grant family was the only family who lived in that house, until Eastern bought the house in 1998. The Grant House is now being used as an alumn house. This house is located at the intersection of Prospect and high street in Willimantic CT. The Grant house is a distinctive land mark.