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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

By Lauren, Tara, Olivia, and Brittany

Our main goal of this project was to include all the people of Willimantic. We wanted to get to know the people that we live in the same town with so we decided to make a book of the different people in our town and have them write their name, age, whether they live in the town or not, and a short question about Willimantic. We took their picture having them stand or sit on top of a round platform where a frog used to be.

Overall the project was very successful. We got at least 16 people involved in the monument. All of them were very willing to help and nice to us. It gave all of us a different view on the town of Willimantic and the people who live there... in a good way. We plan on placing the book in a small cafe on main street, Cafemantic, so people can read and write what they think Willimantic is all about.


  1. We got 18 people. the turn out was great and we had a lot of fun doing it! :]

  2. we cant wait to see your book at the cafe!

  3. I just randomly stumbled upon this blog today while looking for recent pix of Willi. Funny, I use to live in the yellow building on the left in these pictures, which is 869 Main Street from 1990-92 or so.

    We used to have raging parties there, even thought the police department was right behind us on the other side of the parking lot. We even had bands in there - a 2 bedroom place. One time some idiot dropped a lit cig down inside the couch during a party. We had to drag it outside in the middle of the night (in the same brick courtyard). When we came out in the next morning, there was a pile of ashes. Evidently the fire department came and put it out, but we never even woke up. Crazy fun times, more classic stories to come....

    If you don't know, look at the old maps of Willi and you will see this building is one of the oldest ones on Main Street.