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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Red Plastic Cups; Photos for the scrapbook.

Fortunately, I was able to get my scanner to work so I posted all of our photos for the scrap book that I got developed at Walmart. :) The only photos we are missing are Liz's because after my camera broke, she had to use her own so hopefully she will post them soon. :) Our actual scrapbook is going to be put together on Tuesday in class. On the pictures, you can't really read our post-its which is why in the scrapbook we are putting the actual post-its next to the pictures. Our theme and title of our project is "Remember to..." and if you would like we can comment and tell you what our post-it's say in each picture or we can wait till class on Tuesday. :)


  1. wow. our pictures really came out good. I'm really glad that we changed it around so that we were actually in the picture. I feel like, it kind of tells the person looking at it that, this is how we feel, and these are our opinions on this place. My three were, "One person's trash is another person's treasure", "Always keep an open mind no matter what the topic", and (I forget the actual words but something along the lines of) "Never take for the granted the little things in our every day lives"

  2. okay, so I lied my third one was, "Take a minute to stop and look around you"

  3. I should probably post what mine were:

    "Let go of inhibitions"
    "Escape reality"
    "Find yourself"

    And Kim, I definitely agree with you. It was a good idea to have us all in them