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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Where's Whitewater? (Temporary Team Name)

We don't officially have a group name yet, but our main theme is focused on what ever happened to the Whitewater park idea in Willimantic. The park site looks more like a trash dump. We felt like this area is the best area for making our monument.

We also found some things about our area pretty amusing:

The supporters of the park are listed:

The Twisted Tree: (click to see the full image)

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  1. We found it ironic how the town of Willimantic advertised a whole new setting of the town to improve it but we soon found out that those adverisements, such as the bilboard we took a picture of, have been there for years with abolutely no improvements. It seems like the people of Willimantic have just given up on their town.