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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

No name yet, Justyna, Katie, Erica, Tyler


  1. Katie Roome said...
    Justyna and I got many ideas on our walk on thursday. As she said one of our better ones was the collage idea. We want to gather pictures of all the historical, educational, and cultural aspects of Willimantic and build it into a boat. We would then put the boat collage in the river and have it floating away symbolizing that the positive, cultural things about Willimantic have been slowly slipping away from the town. We had a couple other ideas but I think this one was our best.

  2. Our idea was the boat collage, with all the pictures of willimantic. Introducing this idea for the class made us think about our idea and how to elaborate on it. I agree on how the boat might not flow down the river the way we want it too, and to try to make it stand out more so its noticable. I also started thinking about including parts of the town that are bad, so that not everything is good. I posted some pictures of what he might put in the collage.

  3. Sounds great. We also talked about paper mache and involving Justyna's nephew (?) and maybe integrating some symbols. Sounds great.