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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Group DAAM

We found this little arch by the lookout spot on the Willimantic River. We thought it was something beautiful and interesting hidden in the most random place. This went along very well with our plan for our monument.


  1. The idea our group came up with was to some how depict the misconception that Willimantic is all "bad", "unsafe", and "a drug town". People always seem to point out all of the negatives about Willimantic and seem to forget about all the positives of the town...the hidden wonders. This arch here is our "hidden wonder". We found it by the river lookout spot randomly and thought it was a good representation of our idea. At the area where we found it there was trash scattered across the area and the area was rundown with unkept maintainance. We plan to use the arch as a part of our monument and also planned to possibly use railroad spikes we found along the train tracks when to possibly construct something under the arch. The railroad spikes share the same purpose as the in they represent the good of Wilimantic, something the town should be proud of.

  2. This is a beautiful and elegant idea, rooted to a very specific place and structure. Rock on!

  3. We have actually changed our location to the platform by the Willimantic River where the picture above is actually taken from. Our idea is based on the same concept, that beauty is everywhere and we need to focus on the good of Willi. not the bad. Our current idea is to set up a hidden paradise, where we'll place a table, a couple of chairs, and adorn it with flowers, table cloth, and maybe candles to help anyone who finds it enjoy the beautiful river in front of them. We plan on leaving a journal for those people to write their thoughts in to share with anyone else who discovers this spot. We still are working on specifics, but this is our general idea.