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Monday, March 15, 2010

In the trees

Alex has yet to post the pictures, so I am going to post about what we found;
in the nature trail, out inback of the parking garage, there is one big loop. Although this loop is pretty, you can still see the houses surrounding the outside perimeter....but there is a secret trail that people seem to walk by all the time...this trail leads into the middle of the loop, to a bridge with a brook, and a very nice spot to sit and think and read..
We have our idea (even though I dont think we are suppose to yet)..and the reason we didn't come back to class thursday is because we began building..(even though I dont think we were suppose to yet.)...I'd say it's quite a good idea though....and we have no name yet...Mary? Jimmy? Alex?


  1. i have yet to figure out HOW to post the pictures, but Mary K is coming to help me and they will be up PRONTO!