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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Art Everyday: Monument Ideas

These are the places that we've chosen
From: Kelsey Oleynek, Kerry Loughrey, Holly Mantel and Lindsay Delosier


  1. From what we discussed when we were looking for a place to do this project, I think we will most likely choose the area on the bridge. We had the idea of hanging up banners with quotes on it that have to do with journies, dreams, goals, and ambitions. We also had the idea of placing footprints on the ground of the bridge leading to the end.

  2. The spot we talked about doing with the foot bridge. We thought it was a unique and interesting spot in Willimantic. Our idea is to use a quote that talks about life, and where you'll end up, and possibly using foot prints to represent the path you take in life. We are still picking out a quote to hang on the bridge.