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Monday, March 15, 2010

No name yet... Lauren, Tara, Olivia, and Brittany

We chose to do our monument on Main Street to involve the people of Willimantic. Our goal for this monument is to interact with the people of Willimantic and get their opinions on the city.


  1. Sorry this is late! We had some issues trying to post it.
    We all came up with this idea to ask people of Willimantic to be opart of the statue. Because, what better why to represent Willimantic, than the people who live there? We'll also get their opinions to better understand what kind of people live there.

  2. Hopefully on a warm day our group will stand near this cylinder and ask people who walk by if they'd let us take a picture of them on top of it, like Brittany is in our picture. We are aslo going to bring with us blank sheets of paper and a marker and ask the people to write/draw what ever they want on it so it's like their own plaque to the monument of themselves.

  3. Hey guys, I'm not in your LAP class, I'm in the other one, but I checked out your location and idea for your monument and it looks AWESOME!