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Friday, February 19, 2010

Living the Adjective

So we talked a little about Joseph Beuys and Social Sculpture in class. Now let's try a Social Sculpture experiment.
Chose an adjective that will represent you for 12 hours on any given day this weekend. Act this adjective out while living your everyday life. For instance if your adjective is helpful be helpful for 12 hours to the best of your ability. If the adjective is annoying be annoying. If you find yourself slipping out of the adjective role, bring yourself back to acting out what the adjective represents.
Make careful observations on how this makes you feel and how people react to your behavior.
After this 12 hour period write one paragraph on how you felt acting out the adjective and one paragraph on how people responded to your behavior. Post the two paragraphs here as a comment by monday night and bring them to class in written form on Tuesday to be read and discussed.


  1. On Sunday my Adjective was “productive”. I studied a little for my exam, and I did my assignment. I didn’t really feel any different because I always do my work, but I usually do it during the week and not the weekend before it’s due. I felt kind of annoyed at the project I had to do, but told myself I had to finish it because it would be nice to have it done.
    I didn’t really get any different reactions because I stayed at home and my parents didn’t notice, so they didn’t react differently. The only thing that is different is that I got a few things done that I would have put off for the week, so it’s a little bit of a relief but not much.

  2. On Saturday I took the adjective "organized". It's harder than one thinks. I had made a list of what I was going to do for the day. Being organized meant that my room had to be extra tidy (that meant that everything I took out, I put back in it's place right after I used it). Also I did a lot of activities on a timely schedule: I did laundry from 12:14 to 1:55, and finished homework and talked to my sister within the hours of 2:00 to 4:30. I also scheduled dinner and watched a movie on the times I put down. It was really hard because I didn't stay on schedule for some of the activities like homework and the movie I watched that night. It was hard because I never had to do everything on a timely basis for it get get done. Like I do homework when I feel like it, not from 2:00 to 4:30. Also most things that I do aren't planned.
    Other people's reactions were interesting. I had talked to my mother and told her that I had to finish my homework at 4:30 and she quickly got off the phone. I was also talking to my boyfriend and I told him that I was on a schedule for the day and he told me that I shouldn't have to follow a schedule.

  3. Hmmmm, interesting. Productive and Organised were the first two to post.

  4. My adjective for a whole day was joyful. It was pretty easy to act out because I went to visit some friends at URI so I was excited anyways. However, being joyful in the morning was very hard. My friends and I had to be up at 6 in the morning. I’m usually really quit in the morning and knowing that I had to act joyful was not very pleasing to me at that time. Also the car ride was very hard because I started feeling car sick and being joyful and sick at the same time was not fun. Once we arrived at URI being joyful all day wasn’t that bad, it made my mood better and I was more positive about many situations and it felt good to laugh a lot and relax.
    My friend’s reaction was pretty funny especially in the morning. They were not so happy to wake up so early and by me being very joyful it made them happy. They commented at my mood saying that they were happy that I was having a good time and that I was happy. Once I told them that I had to act out an adjective they were surprised because I was joyful all day. We were put into some stressful situations that day and by me being joyful it kind of made us laugh about it later on and my friends commented about it. Usually I am the one that stresses out over everything and I find a solution so it was very different for them to see me laughing and having a good attitude while they were freaking out. Other than that they did not realize why I was joyful all day, they said that they enjoyed me being happy and they did not mind it.

  5. This past weekend I went home to visit my family. I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to drive my family crazy. I had some difficulty choosing an adjective that I could be, that would really annoy them. After thinking about it for a little while, I chose "Brainy".

    I actually had a lot of fun being "Brainy". I really got into the persona I had created and I acted silly. It was fun to pretend to be something I'm not. I basically spouted out random snapple bottle cap facts, whenever someone in my family said something, and acted like a know-it-all.

    My family however, did not have as much fun with this experience as I did. I was obnoxious and constantly correcting them. My younger brother definitely handled it the worst. He is 15, and actually thinks he DOES know it all. He absolutely hates being told hes wrong and can not take any sorts of criticism. One specific event was when my brother asked me to pour him a glass of milk for dinner. Instead of just pouring it for him, like I normally would, I started rambling on about milk, saying different nutrition facts about it and told him he didn't need it. By the end of the day he was so angry at me he told me to hurry up and go back to school already. I just started laughing and continued to be brainy, and told him how many miles it actually takes me to get back to school. I'm pretty sure thats the point where he just got up and left.

    This experience has showed me that my family really does love me, but they love the real me, not the person I was trying to be this weekend. Even though it was a lot of fun for me, I do not think they would be able to handle it, if I chose to act like a brainy know-it-all for the rest of my life.

  6. On Saturday: I decided to be depressing for an entire twelve hours. I'm normally a very happy & "looking on the bright side" type of individual so this was difficult for me to do. I picked this because I have had a select few of my friends go through or are in a depression & I remembered me reaction towards them & their situations so I wondered if the same would happen to me. It was a new & sad way to look at life & if anything made me glad that I don't see thing this way. A direct way to define it is "sadness; gloom; dejection." Before I started this I just thought of really sad or discouraging things so I could put myself in a depressing mindset.
    I commute so I mostly interacted with my family & a few of my close friends. They have all known me for a very long time so they way I was "acting" was kind of alarming to them. It was perfect timing because my friend had just planned a big party to watch the UFC 110 on Pay Per View that night so I was able to "act" around them in a setting where I would normally be very social & happy. Before the party, my mom's reaction was actually amusing because she kept trying to be really happy & talkative while I was being completely withdrawn & gloomy. She actually started to get worried & asked my sister maybe ten different times if I was alright. When I was about to leave for the party, I explained to my mom about this experiment. She basically let out a giant sigh of relief that I think she was holding in all day. Hahaha. My friends reactions were slightly different, but expected. They were concerned at first as to why I was not talking to anyone & looking like I wanted to leave. After being asked for the first hour if I was okay, mostly my friends stopped asking or stopped caring, because they did not want to deal with it or have it ruin their good moods. Believe it or not, these are a lot of the same reactions I have had to some of my friends with depression issues so it was strange to see.

  7. So the adjective that I tried to act out was being sad. I acted sad for a total of 12 hours to everyone who was around me. When I was acting sad I at first felt very silly and weird, but as the day went on a started to actually become sad. I felt like I was pretending to be sad, I just was sad. I started to think of sad events in my life and reflect on them in my head, which consequently made me even sadder.

    By me acting sad, my friends at first didn’t seem to notice. Then slowly they began to see I was sad or upset. They asked me what was wrong a few times, and I replied with nothing I’m just thinking about things, they too appeared to start being sad, depressed, or more down than usual. Also I noticed that in public people around me looked at different then when I am my usual happy self.

  8. For this assignment, I tried to choose an adjective that would change my perspective on daily situations. The adjective I chose was optimistic. On Saturday I forced myself to continue to look on the positive side of situations. This was particularly difficult because I had gotten in a fight with my friend the night before. By being optimistic, I felt I was able to settle the argument more reasonably and civilly with my friend. I am glad that I chose optimistic as my adjective because I feel that it had an encouraging effect on me that day. The outcome of our fight may have been different or worse if I had not looked on the positive side. This assignment made me realize that I should be optimistic more often.

  9. My adjective was "serious." I'm normally a very sarcastic and funny person when I'm talking to my friends. On sunday, I acted seriously all day long and my friends did notice a difference. I did my homework all day long and didn't really communicate much with anyone. I found it really boring to be serious for 12 whole hours. Although I did get a lot of work done, which is a change for once, I didn't enjoy my day at all. I like joking around and laughing and smiling. People kept asking me what was wrong or what happened and it was hard to not laugh. I found that my seriousness caused the people around me to be serious also. It was really interesting to see the effect that my attitude had on other people.

  10. On Sunday, February 21, I choose to use the word procrastination/lazy. I procrastinated by putting off all the schoolwork and personal goals that should have been done. I came up with excuses of why I should do them later, found something more interesting to do, stalled the process by finding something useless to focus on, or avoided the subject all together. As someone who is normally very on top of what needs to be done, managing time, and being organized, procrastinating was... fun, but detrimental.
    Procrastination came with both good and bad. A positive result was I was able to do what I really wanted to do – spend more time with my family, take a nap, talk to friends – however, there were some consequences as well. For example, because of my lack to do ANYTHING on Sunday, I was swamped with work today, and this situation gets even worse. Today I woke up the sickest I felt in a long time… making me unable to accomplish any of the work I left for myself today until just now.
    This exercise allowed me to change my normal behavior and see how much more stressful life would be if I wasn’t the way I am. However, I was also able to see the benefits of loosening up. Doing this exercise will help me to reevaluate my decisions and find a balance between over working myself, and not working at all.

  11. The word I adopted for 12 hours this weekend was "sarcasm." I've always been somewhat sarcastic, but I made sure everything I said for that one day was sarcastic. At some points it kind of felt normal, since I do use sarcasm, but it was also weird because I had to remember to say something sarcastic almost everytime I was talking to someone.
    The way people responded to my sarcasm was by either using sarcasm right back to me or sometimes saying just "oh" and I would respond by saying "sarcasm!" so they would know I was only joking around, if I had to be mean to them since I had to use sarcasm. I mostly used it on all my good friends here at school so they weren't offended by my "mean" sarcastic comments.

  12. For my adjective, I chose "unprepared". I decided to do this on a Sunday since I didn't want to deal with being unprepared for class. It started of being small, and having to go upstairs again to get my phone or book since I didn't bring it downstairs with me (which I would've). It was a bit hard since I didn't have much to prepare for in the first place early in the day. I went on a jog, and had to go back after I went out since I had to purposefully forget my watch. I'm a very prepared person, and I always think ahead, so I found my self thinking about the things I need, looking at the items, and instead of grabbing them, having to walk away. After the 12 hours, I realized why I hate being unprepared.
    My parents really didn't notice anything other than me going up and down the stairs more often than usual. At work, no one noticed either. I found that I would just improvise and go along my way and no one was the wiser!

  13. For 12 straight hours, I was “quiet.” This was extremely hard for me to do. I am not a quiet person at all especially in front of my friends and family. It is so hard holding everything in. Unfortunately, I had a few outbursts which felt awesome! It is not easy being something that you are not. I could not even make any sarcastic remarks or act silly.
    Since I went home for the weekend, I was around my family and best friends. My mom was getting really concerned and thought something was wrong with me because I was so quiet. I would tell her everything is fine. It made me laugh inside since I could not let it out. My sisters were getting really annoyed with me and thought I was high. I told them the same thing I told my mom. My best friend was yelling at me telling me to stop being so quiet and would ask if I was mad at her constantly. It was really entertaining playing this game with friends and family, but super hard at the same time.

  14. My adjective (or you could call it a verb) was being open and sharing. Yes generally I do say what I think, but when I'm at work I am way more reserved with my thoughts and actions. Because I worked all freakin day on saturday I thought I should open up more to the people I work with. I loved being open...I got alot of things off my chest. Granted I bet my job is in somewhat jeopardy (it's a very long story) but it felt good. Letting people know what I think without being reserved is something I think I'm going to take up now...I'll have to keep my mouth in check with certain things...but not everything.
    So a certain set number of people at my work got extremely pissed at me. Mainly because instead of being nice and a pushover...I spoke up and didn't let them treat me the way they normally do...lets just say they were a wee bit shocked lol. Other people just laughed at me and said wow you're a dork. This one girl though said she wants to follow by my example and I sorta chuckled after she left because she thought I was really standing up to these people and acting this way because I was tired of the way things were. She didn't know it was for an assignment and I chose not tell her because I knew it'd crush her spirits a little bit, but I thought it was cool that by doing this assignment it had a big impact on someone.

  15. For a full day I decided to be "useful." I am not saying that I am not useful, but I am saying that I am not always useful. I spent all day volunteering in middle town at an event called "penguin plunge." The money raised from this event is donated to the special Olympics. I helped people register for the event, and greeted them as they walked in.
    Just seeing all of the smiles made me feel good inside. I love the feeling you get when you help others. I felt very useful that day. :)

  16. The adjective I choose for the weekend was "shot", meaning really out of it or not up to speed with what is going on. This didn't prove to be too hard to act out considering I had such a long weekend. Going to Uconn and seeing my friends along with staying up till 5 in the morning helped me accomplish "shotness". During the 12 hour period I slowly started to become more and more out of it due to various things. I felt like I couldn't do anything and I especially couldn't talk to anyone without seeming incredibly stupid. I felt extremely tired acting out the "shotness" and wanted to sleep. I became frustrated at times but it was almost a good feeling; it was extremely carefree. It turned out to be an enjoyable experience acting being "shot" out.
    My friends found it funny that I was so out of it and laughed at my slowness. I told them my assignment for my class and they said they would assist me in acting out the adjective of "shot" to the fullest. They didn't seem to care much about how I was because they too joined in on acting it out. At times it bothered them because I'd be unresponsive and would "fuck up" whatever I was doing. As the night dragged on we all concluded that we could no longer continue the state of shotness we slept and the 12 hours was over.

  17. This weekend I chose "loud" because usually I'm pretty quiet. This was kind of hard for me since for the most part, I don't have much to say anyway. I'm more of a listener. In the morning, I had math class (nothing much to say there!) and then I stayed in my room for a while so I didn't get the chance to exercise it. My roomie is in this class so she already knew what I was doing.
    Then when I went into a friend's room, I remembered to be loud and just started yelling everything I said. It was really funny, my friends said I was acting weird (looking at them weird too, apparently). One asked jokingly if I was high or if I was pretending to be retarded or have turrets. My other friend, however, started to talk loudly back at me. It was pretty much a yelling fight. They were both dying to find out why I was acting like I was. I had a long class later in the day, in which I had a presentation, so I sadly had to pause my loudness.
    Otherwise, this was really fun. Sometimes I felt like I was disturbing my dorm or the people around me cause I wouldn't be quiet. It was also hard to remember to be loud all the time.

  18. For the whole day today I chose to be ignorant. In every conversation or topic me and my friends discussed I would always use wrong facts and state my opinion in a completely ignorant and one sided fashion. I refused to be open minded and listen to what anyone else had to say. I got into a heated argument with one of my good friends about how the Canadians beat the USA in men’s ice hockey last night. This of course the whole time I had known that USA in fact did win. I made up completely ridiculous facts that never happened and was pretended to be ignorant to every subject.
    This was very hard for me because if I know nothing about a subject or topic I will not voice my opinion or anything during the discussion just listen. The reactions I got reactions I got really made me realize that I'm happy that I'm a relatively open minded person because I got in to some heated arguments over nothing. At the end of the day I told all my friends that I was just doing an assignment for one of my classes and they laughed and told me I was an ass for starting so many stupid arguments when I knew they were right all along. This whole day makes me realize how bothered people are by people who think they know everything when they are really ignorant. So for all our sakes now the facts!

  19. This weekend I chose to be "Thankful". I decided to thank everyone for everything, and quite enthusiastically at that. Some people were really surprised by my thankfulness, especially my mom, who i thanked for calling me and asking me how college was going. A lot of people looked surprised when I thanked them for holding the door.
    I think this was a good experience for me because I think I don't always appreciate people as much as I should. I enjoyed seeing people's pleasant surprises. I chose to be thankful because I was afraid to do something too crazy, such as ignorant or being obnoxious, because I was worried that my friends would be pissed at me even after I told them it was for a class. I was happy with my choice of Thankful though.

  20. This weekend, especially Saturday and Sunday I chose to be annoying. I was sick and was taking a lot of medication so I was already a little loopy. I talked to myself or talked to others constantly and wouldn't leave them alone. I blew my nose as loudly and obnoxiously as I could. I also whined a lot and protested. I wanted a perfect dinner. I wanted things my way. I got pulled over by a state trooper in my boyfriend's car because his headlight was out and I whined all the way home to my boyfriend about how I never wanted to drive his car again and it was all his fault and how I just wanted to go home and didn't want to spend anymore time that night with him. I basically whined and complained about a lot, which I have been trying not do lately as a matter of fact. The best part about this? My ipod had broke the other day and I whined all night Saturday to my boyfriend about how I needed a new ipod. And he actually got me a new one. Wow. I guilt tripped and whined enough to the point where he broke down and got me one.

  21. So far a nice, unrepeating series
    of adjectives!


  22. On Saturday I chose to be dramatic... I made everything into a BIG deal. I picked this role partly because I knew I was going to a lot of places and anticipated as many reactions as I could get. From the second I met up with my boyfriend, the drama began... I greeted him with an "Oh My God Heyyy it's morning sunshine! Time to get UP UP UP and OUT OUT OUT!" Throughout out our hour long car ride to Westfarms Mall I made dramatic scenes about little things I saw out the window, like- "OH MY GOD THE YELLOW PAINT ON THE ROAD IS COMING OFF!" and whenever a tractor trailor came up next to us i exclaimed we were "GONNA DIE AND LOOK LIKE PANCAKES WHEN THEY FOUND US!" When we finally reached the mall my boyfriend didn't exactly know how to take me and was afraid to say anything that might set me off again. While at the mall, I went crazy over anything with sparkles....had to touch it and ask his opinion...almost buy it...and then decide not to because I was 'afraid' it would make me look 'fat'. In one particular store I attempted to purchase an item...though conveinantly for this experiment it was miss marked and the manager did not want to give me the item for the price listed on it...i went back and forth with her about why she should give it to me and how she was so wrong. Sadly she didn't give in. By the end of the shopping adventure my boyfriend seemed to walk ten steps behind me and the car ride home was almost silent until I went all dramatic on him about why he wasn't talking to me. :)
    I loved this experiment, it was so much fun and it was interesting to play a different role around people you know and dont know. I found the most satisfaction from the reactions I received from people I did not know that watched me or that I had direct communication with. They would stare, feel bad for my boyfriend, or give me wierd looks. I would gladly do this experiment again any day.

  23. I chose to commit myself to the adjective 'adventerous' this weekend. To me, this meant saying 'yes' to any opportunity that came my way and making conscious decisions based on the option that I've never tried before. My friend wanted to go hang out with his friend from home (who I've never met) and I hopped in the car after work on Saturday night and went on up, taking a different route than I've gone before. Normally I would have hung out with whoever showed up at my house that night, but I decided to be the one to roam and seek out things to do this time. I made seemingly insignificant decisions that this experiment showed me can feel significant when they trigger a change that I wouldn't have experienced doing the same old same old that I've grown accustomed to. Because I saw this prompt a little late on Saturday after missing class, I continued into Sunday and went around Windham County with a friend to check out the starts of trails at nearby state parks to get ready for an adventerous spring after staying up until about 8am to watch the sunrise and getting a few hours of sleep.
    The friends I saw this weekend reacted well to my adventerous energy and it seemed slightly contagious! We all had carefree fun, which is a general goal for me; however, living in a small college town in wintertime can distract me from what's important sometimes and we all can be prone to becoming trapped in a lessthanideal routine. However... I did sleep into my work shift on monday morning & needless to say, my boss wasn't pleased- adventerous days might need to be balanced out with rest and rationality, but the price to pay is well worth it in my book.

  24. I’ve always been a little uptight but this year for some reason I have become UNBELIEVABLY uptight. I’m overly paranoid, and freak myself out a lot because I make up scenarios in my head about how things could turn out, and they usually turn out in the worst possible ways. So, over the weekend I decided my adjective would be carefree! My friends are carefree, my boyfriend seems pretty carefree but for some reason I just cannot relax. For some reason around every corner, to me, lurks death. I am much happier staying in my dorm, or being with my family. When my friends want to go out I feel the pressure to spend time with them but then I think about driving in the car, and people drinking, dangers everywhere! After this weekend of being somewhat unsuccessful at being carefree I finally achieved a carefree state of mind. Last night after stressing for about an hour and debating on whether I should go out with my girlfriends I just did it, tried to drop all my worries and just go. Going out and spending time with my friends did actually help calm me. Being a little more carefree is important..but while still being safe

  25. This weekend I chose to be unemotional. "distant" I suppose you could say was my adjective. Saturday morning I wokeup in my friends appartment. I began my quest as the most ininteresting unemotional distant person I've ever been. Usually I wake up and make breakfast for my gang, but instead I woke up slow, laid in bed, showered and hopped on the computer. When I sat back on the bed, two of my friends came in and asked me to come out side with them to smoke..This is an offer I never turn down because when we all go out there and sit on the picnic table first thing in the a.m there is ALWAYS some interesting topics/dreams to talk about. I just straight up said no to them. My friend looked very confused...almost offended and went outside. When he came back in (i'm guessing they had discussed my strange atitude outside) he asked me if anything was the matter. I sighed, shrugged my shoulders and said "nope". I was like this for the rest of the day....well except when my mum called and I had to tell her what I was up to because I didn't want to make her worry that I was depressed up at school. After the smoking encounter, my friends didn't ask me to come along with them anywhere (lunch, stop and shop, walmart, ect.) I think they thought I was sad about somthing and wanted to leave me alone.
    I felt like shit acting this way. I am usually a very happy individual with alot to say; singing and dancing my way through the weekend..but I felt lazy and like I got nothing done! (even though I did pretty much the same THINGS i would have done...just different atitudes)...The worst was when my friend Haley asked me if I liked her art project....OH NO! I felt like such a jerk! I just shook my head yes and left the room....I couldn't even stand being that mean...She was the first one I told after the day had gone by, and I proceded to tell her how amazing and wonderful that project was (it really was amazing). I'm not sure If I really liked this excercise because it was forcing me to not be me (okay so I get the point) but for WAY too long! Very interesting though...

  26. I decided to be critical. I didn't really know what to choose, but I ran with it.

    At work I ran into my brother and my mom who were doing a little shopping and the first things I said to my brother were comments about his face. He's 16, puberty isn't kind. Anyways, he got defensive and shot it right back at me saying well look at yours and things of the sort. Later, when I went home to visit, I came in and he had put white acne cream on his face and commented about that again. This time my mom got all defensive and was saying how he takes care of it and puts things on it.

    When contemplating about possible dog names, I shot down my mom's ideas. With Bella- were not naming the dog after a twilight character. With Dakota- No, it reminds me of a hillbilly. She would just say well I like it blah blah blah.

    This experience just kind of made me notice how people react and made me more aware how defensive people can be.

  27. This is the second time I have had to post this because it keeps diasppearing?

    But my adjective for the weekend was "daring", courtesy of my best friend. This was a pretty good adjective for me because I tend to stay on the safe side, I overanalyze everything, stick with my routines and never really take chances. So I stopped hesitating, and just went with whatever anyone suggested. It might not sound very daring, but to someone who lives a very routine life it is. It was almost a more laid back sort of weekend and come to found out, I felt a lot less stressed not having to think everything through and just going with the flow.

  28. On Saturday, my objective word was happy. I thought of a person who was incredibly happy. They would be friendly, fun, playful, funnny. This is what I tried to embody. It was very difficult. One cannot be happy all the time. However my day was probably one of the best days I've ever had. My boyfriend, my mother and I, had breakfast together and I managed to make all of them laugh. Then we all went to Walmart. The best part was the toy section. The three of us actually spent more than 20 minutes playing with the toys. We sang along with an iCarly microphone; we fought eachother with nerf swords; it was a lovely day. The night was even better. Me and my boyfriend found out about a disco biscuits concert. The band is known for their light shows and loving hippie fans. spur of the moment we decided to go. I tried to be as happy as possible. commenting on the pretty lights, lovely music, going up to people and introducing myself. I met so many friends that night and got a free bracelet! someone also gave me their hat during the show but took it back later. The whole experience was very fun. I realized that when you're a happy person. People like being around you, and they're happy too. I guess a good mood is just as contagious as a bad one.

  29. For the past day my adjetive that i decided to use was rude. Throughout the day i was constantly rude to everybody I saw. If someone said hi to me I just ignored them, if someone held the door I would not say thankyou. Not to mention I did not hold the door for anybody. I constantly interrupted people when they spoke or i would just tell them to shut up. Any time i ate with someone i made sure to constantly belch out loud, and chew obnoxiously loud. I constantly ignored my friends and basically acted like a complete jackass to them. By the end of the day many people thought i was in a bad mood which is why i was being so rude.

  30. Last weekend my adjective was “inappropriate.” I turned as much as what was said around me into a dirty joke. I chose this adjective because I wanted to annoy other people, so I would say these comments during the most random moments like when someone was trying to be serious, or while telling a story. To my surprise my friends thought I was being funny and actually liked my dirty jokes. I on the other hand felt extremely gross and had to almost force myself to keep the jokes going.

  31. okay, sorry my post is so late...

    but my adjective was "shy".
    It didn't really effect my interactions with other people. It was more, I had less interactions with people. I like to think that I am usually an outgoing kind of person. Who usually isn't afraid to talk to people or make a fool of myself. By being shy, I was more introverted and I didn't really talk to anyone. It was actually kind of a boring day, I stayed to myself didn't talk very much, and well. I just didn't like it very much. There is nothing wrong with being a little shy, but it isn't exactly for me. I like my personality the way it is. However, it was nice to kind of put myself in someone else's shoes and see how the other side lives.

  32. Im also sorry my post is really late.
    On Friday I decided to not be helpful. So, I did things like not hold the door for someone who was right behind me, refused to do small favors, and basically made peoples lives around me more difficult. It was interesting to do this because I did notice that people were getting annoyed and in one case, my friend actually got mad at me. I kind of enjoyed the exercise, but if theres going to be a next time, i would choose a different adjective

  33. The adjective I choose was "moody". All weekend I pretended to have mood swings. I would be miserable one second then a bitch the next and then I would be solitary the next minute. I was really funny to confuse my friends, and make them try and figure up what was up with me. When ever they would ask me what was going on with me I would blurt out DRUGS! cause I had bought $50 worth of medicine for a horiendous cold during this time. It was a fun experiment because I like fooling and tricking people.

  34. The adjective I chose was "paranoid" me and my friends go on little adventures where we just drive around and find different places to explore and see. This sunday we went to go hiking at this place called "Diana's Pool". I was being a back seat driver the whole entire time pretending like my friend wasn't driving correctly. I could see in his face he was really annoyed, but I still kept doing it. He then finally yelled at me along with everyone else in the car. The basically told me to sit back and shut up. On the trail when we were hiking there was a bunch of snow and ice on the rocks. I would act like the ice was going to break under us and be annoying like I could get up certain rocks or go certain places. My friends were so annoyed with me the whole time, and would laugh but get annoyed at the same time. On the way back I told them it was for a school project.