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Thursday, February 4, 2010

art of the DECLAMATION___________________


1) Write a short and sweet declamation.

2) Practice it a couple of times. (Explore variations in tonality and gesture.)

3) Write it here as a comment AND bring it with you to the next class.

In ancient Greece, the declamation was believed to play an essential role in "Rhetorical Pedagogy." It formed part of a set of exercises intended to prepare students of rhetoric for the creation and performance of complete practice orations.

One famous declamation begins with the words:

-Paul, the book of Romans, New Testament Bible.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, when performance artists adopted the declamation for their own purposes, it wasn't in order to demonstrate verbal mastery. Quite the opposite. That said, communicating absurdity, humor and satire through such a form often depends on context as much as on content. (Imagine a frustrated plumber uttering Paul's phrase as a question while he uses a plunger.)

Instead, performance artists have often adopted the use of declamations to satirize, lampoon and expose things like the power and greed represented by mainstream bourgeois culture. We will talk more about its history next class. For now, each of you should come up with a brief declamation of your own, post it here and bring a version of it with you to next class.
_______Have fun.
______________Be irreverent.
_____________________Feel free to vent.
____________________________Embrace the obvious.

Here is a clip of some extemporaneous declamations made by Reverend Billy Talen and his gospel choir:


  1. Girls are mean
    Why must every girl criticize every girl? Do we get enjoyment out of making fun and talking shit on each other? I would say so. I am not saying that I do not do that because I totally do, but why can’t we all just get along. That is completely impossible. I feel like this is the only thing girls really know what to do. We all are so good at it. I mean when we see a really pretty girl with a super hot guy the only thing that comes to mind is “oh my god she is not hot enough to be with him! What is he thinking?!” Or for instance if one of your friends tells you that they will hook you up with a guy, but then completely stabs you in the back and is just trying to get with him, the only thing that we talk about is how much of a bitch she is. Even when we say we don’t do this, we all know that we do. It is ridiculous. Just own up to it and move on with your life. Girls are bitches… the end.

  2. Lysol No-touch hand soap system. Oxy moron? I think so. Normal soap pumps are FESTERING with bacteria, so Lysol made a dispenser that automatically dispenses soap onto your hand so you wont have to touch that germ infested pump. But why, oh why, must it matter if we touch said pump if the soap that we then wash our hands with, kills 99.9% of bacteria anyway?

  3. Don’t just say I want to do something…actually get up off your ass and do something! Don’t wish you could help someone and then just sit there. GET UP and go do something. Hold a charity event to raise money (like the Take Action Tour). If not so extreme donate 5 dollars to a charity. Any little money helps. Give blood, lend and hand don’t just do nothing! Don’t sit and ponder about how you wish things will change because wishing does nothing but doing does everything! So help where ever you can and you’ll feel good about yourself. You did something that helps maybe one or maybe thousands of people…just GET UP and GO!!

  4. Everyone needs to spend a little more time alone. Twice a week I walk through the woods, and sit and let my mind run away; and I'll tell ya, there isn't anything more important to me. Through your days, especially here at school, you are constantly letting things build up and burden you. This is what leads to stress and panic attacks. Little does everyone know, a couple hours alone, sitting somewhere and thinking about nothing, can relieve your mind so much! Oh the things you can think! People go through their whole goddamn telephone list trying to find a friend to accompany them, just to avoid walking down the street alone, to get a cup of coffee! Why not take the time to get to know yourself a little bit. In today's society, with internet and such good TV shows like Jersey shore, and the real world, people hardly give their mind a rest........that is until they are sleeping...but I'm talking about a conscious rest. A time alone; you and your mind, to let it run. Go sit somewhere where you are sure you wont see anybody..somewhere quiet..bring a book, or a pencil and pad, and just relax...and OH! the things you can think!

  5. What the hell is wrong with some girls? Girls man, we are some complex creatures but at the same time, we are all so simple to figure out. Typical girls all suffer from the same syndrome. Our choices in men are horrible. We don't see all of the fatal signs slapping us in the face. The ones saying, He's not good for ytou, you deserve better, why can't we just let all of those bad ones go? No the good ones are not all taken, as much as some would like to think that stop it. Cut the shit. Stop trying to come up with lame excuses for the sorry ass choices you make in men. The good ones are hard to find but they are hard to find for a reason. So get up and find him or wait around for him to find you. Either way stop wasting your time on Mr. "I'm so cool but I still live at home with my parents and I have no job and I live off of them and I haven't done an honest days work in my life, and I have no plans to such. My plans are to sit on my ass and chill and be nonproductive". What is the point of spending your time with him? Do you think he is going to change because of you? Are you finally going to be the one that pulls some sense out of his brain? NO. Stop it. Stop trying to be the one he wants to change for, cause you shouldn't have to change him in the first place. WHATS WRONG WITH YOU!? The right guy will come along you just need patients. Its a virtue you know. But in the mean time could you just live your life please? Stop stressin' over the boy at school who you want to be with but you know damn well as a girlfriend, and is cheating on her with another chick, and YET has a kid. WHERE IS THE FUTURE IN THAT? Can you atleast wait til he gets his act together or something MY GOOODNESS. Come on now where is the common sense these days? We have all been victims of bad choices myself included, but we are suppose to learn from our mistakes. NOT repeat them.

  6. Snow is awful. It's wet & cold. It can bring life to a complete standstill simply because it decides to drop on us in large increments. Snow is depressing because it looks beautiful for about the first hour it is on the ground, but once it sits for more than a day, it turns completely gray and utterly disgusting. It makes us all have to be inside miserable because we aren't meant to be in extreme cold conditions. WE WERE NOT MADE FOR SNOW, all the more reason to hate it. It should not exist. Case and point.

  7. Noise. It can come from so many different places. From the mouths of people, to speakers projecting music, but really...does it have to come at six a.m. in the form of a truck in reverse. Constant beeping, like that of an alarm only you CANNOT turn it off. Seriously. This is a college campus. While you might think thats a reasonable hour to be up and about, I'm pretty sure everyone here could disagree. Stop with the damn noise outside my window! Just let me sleep. Couldn't you have waited until later?

  8. There are not enough parking spots.The parking at Eastern is terrible. It is not logical for the school to give out more parking permits than available spots, but they do it anyhow. Having more parking spaces will stop the frantic, daily, mad rush of people looking for a parking space. To me it is absurd that I have to come to Eastern an hour before a class starts, just to find a parking space. Sometimes I do not even find one, and am late to class. This is very frustrating and annoying. No matter what time of day it is, morning, or night parking is annoying. It is a waste of time and energy. It is time lost that could be spent elsewhere on something more important!

  9. Why do people make my room so messy? I swear I don't like gold fish smashed into my carpets, or people leaving their gross garbage in my room. I'm not your mother and you’re not at home! Your house must look absolutely disgusting because my room looks like a land fill after you leave. No one and I mean no one likes cups of easy Mac and bags of chips all over their room! You can come to my room to hang that is fine, I love the company but honestly clean up your mess! My roommate and I literally clean our room almost every day and it’s completely unnecessary! Oh yeah and stop hanging stupid, pointless, inappropriate signs on my door.... I’m not laughing about it! It was funny the first 20 times but after the thousands time... enough is enough! You’re staring to get on my last, last, or yeah and did I mention LAST nerve. So I would really appreciate it if people would start treating my room with ALOT more respect, I’m not asking for much here. I would just like you to be a little more considerate. That’s all. Thanks.

  10. Who needs the gym? gyms are just a 21st century invention to keep us "fit." People never used to need to go to the gym. it seems like as society becomes more technologically advanced, the gym is more needed. technology makes our lives easier because we have to do less work, but is that really a good thing? i guess the gym makes it more convieniant to workout, but working out isn't about convieniance or ease is it? it's quite the opposite. working out is about doing work to keep ourselves in shape. it really annoys me when someone says that they are going to the gym because they want to run a few miles on a treadmill. the person's gym is probably a few miles away, so they drive to it. if he or she rean to the gy instead, they would have gotten more excersice, and spent no money on gas to get to the gym. so before u think about going to a conviniant gym to work out, consider instead a more difficult way to work out.

  11. Have you seen him? He's been watching me from the side of my bed as I sleep. He waits for my breath to finally relax into its natural rhythm. He waits, blinks over and over, and waits until sunrise to attack. Don't fall into too deep of a sleep...this is happening everywhere. Have you seen him?
    Mr. Alarm Clock, murderer of dreams, the abrupt annhilation of our body's gentle whisper for rest and nurturance. Think about his gigantic ego that grows bigger and bigger as he continues this war against the sun & moon. Bring him to me, dead or alive, and I will smash him headfirst into the jagged rocks on the side of a mountain. His goal is to kill sleep and keep us awake for all twenty four hours of the day. He wants to block the tunnels that facilitate the travel of our dreams so that he can steal them with his dream catchers so he can blissfully float through dream clouds and cat naps for his whole life. Will you miss them? He'll get an entire lifetime in a string of Sunday afternoons and we will work more and more and dream less and less. PUT YOUR FEET IN THE GROUND & YOUR HEAD IN THE CLOUDS & STOP HIM BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!

  12. Declarations imply some sense of self-righteousness.
    The college student walks along and thinks of funny things,
    of philosophy and calculus and cabbages and kings.
    Our arguments are debates of course, our stubborness - beliefs
    we wait to talk as we watch our friends make noise and click their teeth.
    Boys are buttholes, girls are psyco, why can't we all get along?
    Theres the summary of all the thoughts we've all thought all along.
    Everything you think you know could be a fallacy.
    Birds don't fly they swim of course, as does the bumble bee.
    Once upon a time we KNEW the world was flat, not round.
    Think of what we'll think tomorrow, and all of it "profound"
    Who am I to tell you all, what to say or think?
    These proclamations aren't profound at all. I am! Therefore I stink!

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  14. I don’t understand how people can study while they are listening to music. I love listening to music but how can you concentrate on reading an assignment when you are listening to the lyrics of the song. I mean I know that I’m not the only one in the dorm, but can you respect my wishes and put the volume down or even turn it off. When I am working on a paper I would love to be able to listen to my own thoughts not of your voice across the room. Also it would be nice if I could do my paper in my own room instead of moving all my stuff in the common room or the library, all I want is to get some PEACE and QUIET. All I am saying is that it’s not that hard to plug in the head phones!

  15. It seems like every time I turn around there’s something else everyone has. From Ugg Boots to the latest smart phones, the list keeps growing. The sad part is that what initially starts off as a fashion statement turns into a clone fest. What’s the big deal about having a North Face when everyone else has one? Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly agree that North Faces are warm and functional, but there has to be more brands out there that make equally as nice products. If someone started wearing a giant pimp hat, and strutted around campus all decked out with a purple suit and cane, what would happen? Well, ok, the authorities might be a little suspicious, but besides that, you would either say “hey, that guys wack!” or “wow, that guys tight!” So, what if all of a sudden people like him sprung up everywhere, walking around the campus, strutting their stuff? Pretty soon, it would become the standard dress. There would be a pack of purple pimps parading everywhere you went, and there would be nothing unique about them anymore. So think twice before you choose to buy your first or maybe even tenth pair of Ugg Boots, the newest Smartphone, and a North Face Jacket. If you feel that you just can’t go without, then by all means splurge. After spending all that money they’re going to go out of style eventually, like poodle skirts and giant poufy hair. Fads have come and gone throughout the ages, but one thing always remains the same…human nature.

  16. Why do people always have to be so judgmental of one another? Why are the clothes we wear, or the music we listen to so important? Why is it that every time I leave the dorm it looks like this school has a dress code? It seems like if you wear uggs, jeans and a black northface your guaranteed to have lots of friends. Why is that? It seems like most people are scared to break the mold just because it's easier to conform to the latest trend. Everyone does it, but why? If someone's style is different from your own does it make them any less worthy of being your friend? What gives anyone the right to make fun of anyone else? When did the clothes we wear begin to determine our status in society?

  17. My biggest pet peeve: when people get on the highway going under the speed limit. It happens almost every time. It makes it harder to merge, the people coming up get pissed off, and i have to book it t get up to speed with traffic. Most people on the road have been do driving school and have learned that you are supposed to be going at the speed of traffic, 65. Not 45, not 50, but 65 mph.

  18. WHY PRETEND. Why do we even try? I am who I am. Constantly trying to worry about hurting other people, being judged, their malicious thoughts can be seen through their eyes. We stick the usual, what's accepted, what's the norm. Be who you want to be. Be who you feel like. Express your emotions. You shouldn't play games with people, reserve games for when you whip out monopoly, that's 10 hours of games for you! Why not let loose? SCREAM. Instead your boxed in your own body, the walls are tight against your arms, your face, your back. You will suffocate yourself. You need to know who you are, and once you've accepted that, life gets a little easier.

  19. America is a consumer driven society and it operates and functions around consumption. Through all the influential, if not brainwashing powers of the media and advertising, society is being taken over. Our country is being convinced that the more material goods that are bought, the more satisfied one will become. The pursuit of happiness is deeply entwined with consumerism. We are forced and reinforced to believe that our value lies in what we have, as opposed to who we are. We have learned to define ourselves only by our possessions. People are unaware of these brainwashing powers and consumerism will, eventually, continue to destroy society if we do not change our way of life.

  20. Stealing! Taking what isn’t yours and making it your own. Why do people do it? Why must I fear every day that one of my items may be gone from my room? I absent-mindedly forgot my hairbrush on the counter of my own sink, which must mean that you are free to take it, right? I go to take a shower and my body wash is virtually gone. Are you jealous of my cleanliness? Is that why you steal from me? Oh no! Now my socks are gone. Perhaps they found other feet that they preferred, since my body wash is gone. Or perhaps you stole them.

  21. From this day forward, I demand that the socks of the American people will never get lost! This epidemic is spreading way too fast in the homes of millions. All of us can relate because we've had to buy more and more socks for the loss of many others. We have so many lonely socks in our sock drawers ans it tears us apart when we can't wear the peguin patterned sock or the polka spotted one. The dryer will not let go of these poor, poor socks and it's time we take a stand; to say, "Dryer, you will not take control of my socks!". We must protect every pair of socks we own. This tragedy is not our fault. We shall not lose any more sleep over the sock stealer, even if it stole the penguin patterned sock. Socks are too precious to be taken from our grasps. We will stop sock stealing for once and for all!!!

  22. I am always complaining. Complaining about some little imperfection in my life. And I look around and everyone else is doing the same.
    We complain about work.
    We complain about school.
    We complain about bills.
    We complain about the cold.
    The heat.
    The light being on.
    Or it being too dark.
    We complain.
    This orange juice has too much pulp, this toast is cold. My room smells like mold. My hair is too frizzy today. Its not warm enough in here.
    But today I stopped to think. What about those people who have a lot less. What about those people living somewhere else, who don't have heat, who don't have air conditioning, who don't have clean water, who don't have hair dryers and toasters and microwaves and internet access.

    We live in a place where we are inpatient and when we want something we want it fast, we want it perfect, we want it just the way we want it. We yell, we scream, we swear when we don't get what we want. We complain.

    But the people with nothing who have the right to complain don't have the resources, don't have the voice or maybe no one listens. They've got nothing, they might not have a house, they might not have food to feed their children. They might be trying to fix what little they have. But these people are the ones who smile even though they don't really have anything. They're the ones who aren't really complaining. So maybe when we complain we should stop and think...maybe instead of complaining we should be grateful for what we have. Maybe we don't have to "have" as much. Maybe we can just be satisfied and deal.

    Because those people who don't have things are dealing and coping. So maybe we can just try a little, one step at a time. One less complaint a day? Sounds like a plan to me.

  23. Do you ever feel as if you aren't sure if you are doing the right thing? Sometimes i think about if I shouldn't have gone to college but at the time it seemed like what I should do. It seemed to me that most people were getting it in it, and it's only around four years, like highschool. But these next four years are going to be in my prime youth. I also want to enjoy it and not have to worry about grades, and money. Taking a year off might be a good idea to think about how I want to live. Sometimes i just feel like an ant in an ant farm.

  24. Being told you can't do something is probably the single most hurtful, disheartening, and discouraging thing someone can say to me. They have no right to tell me that I am not capable of doing something that I want to do. I can do anything I put mind to. I can become famous, I can climb Mt. Everest, and I can one day in the future, be a great mom. Determination is all you will ever need to achieve your dreams. Never let someone tell you that you are not good enough, or not smart enough, or not pretty enough. Never give in to what people say, or think about you. Always keep your head held high and know that no one can ever get in the way of your dreams.

  25. It’s good to have an end to journey towards, but it’s the journey that matters in the end. So stop planning, replanning, waiting and postponing. LIVE YOUR LIFE. It is essential to be responsible and have things to work towards however don’t get so caught up in this serious mode, this strict plan that leaves no room for failure, for revisions, for excitement. Live each day, don’t wait until tomorrow - don’t take yourself that seriously. Who knows what life has in store for you tomorrow… each moment is unique and impossible to get back… LIVE IT. Live each moment in a way that you won’t regret. Live on the edge, step out of your comfort zone and BE HAPPY. Find things you find joy in. surround yourself with people that make you laugh. Stay up late. Get outside. It’s great to have an end to journey towards but how happy will you be when you get there and you can’t remember how you got there? ENJOY THE JOURNEY so when you get to the finish line you won’t have any regrets. Love your life and take advantage of every opportunity given to you. It’s good to have an end to journey towards, but it’s the journey that matters in the end.

  26. People go through life everyday complaining about everything. There is not one day in my life that i have not gone through when i have not heard someone complain about a petty thing. People complain about how its cold out side and how its snowing, listen if you don’t like what the weather is like then don’t life in a part of the world where the weather is like that. For some reason there are also the people who can never find good in anything that they are around or take part in. people need to start taking positive things out of every situation. This is because in every negative thing there is at least one positive thing that you can take out of it. Everyday may not be good, but there is good in everyday.

  27. Guys! Come on guys. Why are we so heartless and cold? We push so hard to be the best at everything but when will we all learn that we can’t be the best at EVERYTHING. Pick your battles. What can you truly win, and what is it that you know you will lose. Girls are out there looking for a nice guy that will always be there to comfort them and yet we get upset when they call us hurtful and cold as ice. And with our animalistic instinct we are going to fight against them instead of just saying sorry and trying to “change.” Now I’m not saying to change who you are, but we really need to rethink what we want to do, and how we want to get that. Randomly go out and get her things, open up and tell her your deepest fears. Stop being so cold, happiness is always around the corner. The sun will always shine after the rain. Can you be that sun?

  28. X-Box Shall Be Burned!
    We live in a day where electronics play a major role in our life, whether it's to help us communicate, stay organized, or to simply entertain us. While all this is good and dandy one company has attracted males with their product so well that they have them eating out of the palm of their hand: X-Box! X-Box is a relationship destroyer that sucks in men's attention 100%, once they start playing they don't stop for hours. The company does not realize the effect of what the extreme gaming does to girlfriends who are victimized by the product in their relationship. One could simply argue that girlfriends could find something to do with their time while their men are consumed with shooting and killing people on the X-Box, but for most women this is not so easily accomplished. Boyfriends know that when their girlfriends are around we expect some ounce of attention, so . . . they propose we sit there . . . and watch them play . . . and if you say "No" or leave the room they will shine you puppy eyes and come up with some lame excuse as to why they need you there so badly. When this happens, girlfriends get to view the dark and ugly side of their boyfriends; the drooling, swearing, glazed eyes, and occasional mumble and twitch when you ask them something. With this being said, I propose the X-Box shall be burned! Otherwise men should be fair warned that the X-Box will not be the only "X" in their life.

  29. Hey! These clips are from this movie called "waking life"...It's basically a movie with thirty declamations about all sorts of things, and itll mess your brain up..i've watched it six times so far, and each time there are things I still pick up, and things I know I need to listen to again in order to get...check it out

  30. so I'm gonna write a new declamation because I have somthing else to say..

    TOTALITARIAN AGRICULTURE! Instead of the human being living at one with our earth, we over exploit it! The earth depends on us right? So we have the right to take take take? Well we depend on the earth even more so!

    Agriculture use to be a good word. Way back when, hunters and gatherers use to farm to grow crops to feed their families; to give gifts and make small trade. It was all a necessity. They took ONLY what they needed to get by! They took what the Earth offered to them.

    Animism is a philosophical theory that says that all being is animate, living, and contains spirit. This is how the Natives lived...They honored and appreciated every animal slain, every plant they used, every tree they cut...They were equals...One with the land..

    When organized religion began, instead of viewing mother nature as their supior being, they began to view god instead. (although "god" comes in many forms, a large percentage of us view God in the form of human,) there for giving us the idea that humans are the supirior being of the planet. We beleived that if a human was the creator, than our race was the main project.

    By exploiting the planet, we could get more...for years the term "more" grew and grew and GREW! Now people wanted more land, not just to feed their family, but to trade...Now farms were large buisnesses with slaves working full time to quicken the pace of chemicals and pesticides, and mass production of imports and exports so the money would flow in faster...NOW we have biological engineering and Biotechnology which makes it impossible for the veggies/fruits to reproduce, SO THAT NO ONE CAN HAVE MORE THAN US! WE MUST OWN IT! WE LIVE OFF THE POWER.
    instead of spritual satisfaction, and a peace of mind , we want economic satisfaction...LAND! MANSIONS! BOATS! CARS! MONEY MONEY MONEY!

    Once money came into the picture (or large trade; imports/exports) Instead of doing everything together, for eachother, everything became a competition. Whose has the most. Who is the best. Look at my house!

    Hello!?! Look around you! We are using everything up! Take a walk in the woods, before you can't anymore! The trees will smile at you, and the breeze will kiss your face, and the canopy of branches and leaves will protect you from the hot sun, or the cold wind. Our friends! People need to get back in touch with the land. And no, don't be fooled...This land ISNT your land, and this land IS CERTAINLY NOT my's no ones..IT is only here to help us.. yet we care way more about making money, then the continuation and preservation of our beautiful planet.

    Soon we will exploit every resource that we possibly can..and the planet will die with us, because of our greed.

    Go for a walk, sit down on a rock or a stump, and be thankful for the beautiful life that surrounds you.

  31. It seems like most people don't really stop and think about why people are the way they are. Everyone is always so caught up in the world as they know it and never really let anyone else open them up to something new. People pass judgements on what "we are suppose to be living like", in reality, is there a specific way to live? People are so worried about "keeping up with the kardashians" and never really see the true beauty of life and humanity itself. For once take advantage of the diversified world we live in. Take chances and do things that you'll remember forever. Hang out with people that are different and learn. Of course it is human nature to judge, but I feel like people should stop and listen to the other side of the story once and a while. I live my life believing that everything happens for a reason, and people should stop passing judgments around, when they really have no idea what they are talking about. Everyone has a story, people just need to start listening, its amazing what you can learn about life, just by observing. If you understand it well enough everything connects, and its amazing what you can learn.

  32. A friend once asked me, why was it that I knew what to say to them when they were going through a difficult time. I replied, "Through experience, I guess." But how is it that one person who has only lived 18 years have so much negative experience and accept it. And in return, use what they have seen to help others understand and accept their life experience? How can someone find the strength to accept it and live life to the fullest? And why was this person chosen to have that particular life? I don't think I'll ever know the reasoning behind it, but it’s the only life I know, and I LOVE IT! :)


  34. After living my life thus far, I've realized that i'm sick of what could have been. For so long, I've been afraid to get out of my comfort zone, and it hasnt gotten me to far. if you want a meaningful and valued life, you need to be aggresive. If you go out into the real world and take some chances, it will be worth it. Then you wont have to worry about what could have been. If you open up to different philosiphies or mindsets, you'll learn to appreciate more, which will also allow your life to have more meaning to it. So, go, and get out of your comfort zone, and see how much you benefit from it.

  35. Hypocrites.
    I can't stand hypocrites, they do nothing but piss me off!!
    They say that they are going to do something and then they don't.
    They say that they won't do something and then they do it.
    Really, Really?
    Why must you play these mind games with me it makes me want to shake you and mabye slap you a few times.
    I don't like it when a person says one thing and then does another, it does not sit right with me. And shouldn't with you.
    So if you should happen to come across a hypocrite, challenge them make them admit their lies and if that doesn't work you could always mess them up a bit, it's fun!

  36. We all believe we are going to be one of those special girlfriends, the ones that are carefree, completely loving and excepting of their boyfriends friends. I always thought I was going to be that girlfriend, but guess what we are all bitches. We can't help but wonder, no matter how much you trust your boyfriend, what his friends are getting him into. I am guilty of being the bitch the boyfriend's friends call the wife and it's only humiliating, but also a slap in the face. We all try to reason with ourselves as to why we feel the need to try to control our boyfriends but it's pathetic and it you really want the person you love to love you forever you need to be that girlfriend you had always wanted to be!